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Pilot Baba in Moscow
December 5, 2007

Namaste to everybody!

Thank you for coming. Sorry for little late.

Everybody is a great soul. You have a meaning to come here. So you have to understand who you are and what is your life.

Life is a journey. There is an outwards journey and an inwards journey. If you go outwards, you will be lost in the market. It is an exploration of the life which is coming and going many times, millions of times. Because there are someting new to be explored.

And there is an inwards journey, that is your journey. There is your realization, your enlightenment, and samadhi is there.

You have seen your life, you have experiences in your life, you experience suffereings, experiences of pain, pleasure, happiness. It is a karma of your life. It is always there. If you don't need a challenge of your life. You already understand why you have come. And I understand that you have good experiences with previous masters. Which has created some thirst and you are very eager to experience yourself. You want enlightenment, you want samadhi, you want realisation. It is every human going to samadhi. It is already there. But you have travelled far from that source. You were born enlightened, you have lived in the samadhi, you just have to look into yourself. You have to become a baby, to practice like you were a baby. That is there, the memory is inside you.

But now you are stuck on the two roads: you want to entertain your body, entertain you mind, you want to have a pleasure, a happiness also. One is not, but it is already there. It is a balance of energy. There is a pain, there is a suffering, there is a happiness, there is a pleasure. It's happened to you, it is an experience of you. You have already been there, and you can go beyond. You can live without suffering and pain, you can forget the happiness and pleasure, you can be what you are. You just have to care about your breathing. Breathing is your life, breathing is your karma, without your breathing you can not do anything. Breathing is a journey of hell, and is a journey of heaven. Breathing is all the things that karma brings in your life, breathing is yoga, and is hoga - getting pleasures.

So, you have to keep watching breathing, maintain breathing observation. Breathing can give you happiness, and breathing can give you sufferring also. Breathing is a great healer, and breathing is a great killer. So, you have to take care of your breathing. Breathing has many dimensions. Because breathing is a natural science. If it is innatural, you can not be realized, and thanks to natural breathing you can be realized. It is a scientific approach to your body and your body metabolism. We have special senses in our body, some of them are phisical. Some of them are astral. And there is a neurolinguistic program in your body. There are more than 72 000 neuro channels, they are like rivers inside you. All of them are being controlled and command by the mind. All our body systems - the organic system, chemical system, phisical and phisiological systems - all them depend on breathing power. There are many atomic processes inside your body, dissociations and associations.

You are very important, your body is very important. You are because of your body. Your body has been given a name, your body and mind has been given diploma, certificate to live. Everyhing which is beautiful and scientifical is in the mind. Your mind can do any things. Your mind can take you anywhere. It can take you everywhere inside the body, and outside the body, to the Moon, Mars, everywhere. There is nothing faster than mind. There is nothing powerful than mind. And you have the mind. But you are not the mind. Mind has met this world. It is created by the mind. You have been arranged and beautified by the mind. Mind is multidimensional. It has no stability. It always moves from one tree to another tree like a monkey. Mind has disturbed you, mind has confused you. Mind has organized you. Whatever in the world has been organized - it is a mind power. The spiritual power and political power, all them are also the mind. The whole world is a copy of the mind. It creates new ideas, new dimensions. Mind has taken you far away from here. A person has to find, to feel that you are not the mind. Mind has covered you, you are put in a container of the mind. So, you have to come out from the mind, to free from the mind. You have to free from the organisation of the mind to realize yourself, to go in the samadhi, you have to come out from the mind circumstances.

Whatever are being teached in the world is to become free from the mind. Breathing is a great source, because breathing has a connection with a prana, the life force. Mind and prana work together. Both are very close. If there is no mind, there is no meaning of prana. And if there is no prana, the mind can not work. So during the breathing you can use your mind and go beyond the mind. For all that things you have to come back to yourself. You can surrender, but do not surrender to anybody. Surrender is your powerful energy, it is your command, it happens to you, it has been created by you through the source of belief. If you are surrendering to yourself, your importance, your capacity is being developed, your magnetism, gravitation power is developed, and you get a chance to realize.

If you are going to surrender to someone, then you are caught, you are going to live in a prison of the other energy, your freedom is lost. No freedom - no realization - no samadhi. It is a little bit difference between my idea and other masters' ideas. I love a determination of a person, I respect the surrender energy, but all that happen must happen to yourself, not to the others. Do not go out of yourself, because there is no giver if you are not a taker. You recept it, your reception power is very important, you have that power. You have to open yourself, you have to awake yourself. Everything is inside you, your realization, your enlightenment, your samadhi. Do not be caught by the language. First get your freedom, feel yourself liberated, and try to become a watcher, whatever is being happened, whatever is going to happen, whatever you are going to practice, first you have to decide it is your body, it is your mind, it is my intellectual power, it is your conciousness.

There are four important inner mechanisms that we call: diligence, ego, consciousness. The importance of master is there. If he has a blessing power. But that blessing comes when you are ready. Blessing will not come if you are not ready. If 100% master is important, then 200% disciple is important, because you are receiver. When you feel that, 'I have a meaning of my life, my awareness, my reception is important. My belief, my devotion, my serrendering is very important. These are going to take me to myself.' These will help to free from the mind.

You may practice many technics, many kinds of pranayama, many kinds of asana, many types of disciplines of the mind, many kinds of purification methods, and the mudras. It all belongs in. If you have an awareness, they have meaning. If you do not have an awareness, they do not have meaning. Within the awareness, practicing with the awareness, sleeping with the awareness, it is most important. It will give a great distance between you and your phantasms. It will not let happen any ego, will not happen greediness. Awareness is a freedom from any attachment of ego. Then all the asanas and pranayamas have a very meaning.

Yoga is a science; it is the science for the body, for the mind, and the science for the self-realization. We have to tavel through the yoga to succeed in your life. Yoga is a great science of concentration which empowers your mind, which gives you all kinds of sidhi. Yoga can make a great size of your mind, yoga can help you succeed in your business, yoga can help you succeed in your profession. If to take yoga as a meditation, it takes you deeper and deeper into yourself. When deeper meditation happens, samadhi comes, realization happens.

Meditation means no mind, and concentration means you have a mind. Concentration will not happen if you do not have a pure mind, pure senses and healthy body. To awaken your phisical strength you have to do certain exercises. All the asanas are that exercises. To make your body have an alertness, and awaken the awareness of your body. The asanas can make your body perfect and beautiful. If you have a perfect body, healthy body, then your mind is free, your mind is not suffering, your mind is not communicating to the body. Make your mind very powerful, very healthy mind by practicing pranayama mudras. After this if you have done yama, niyama, asanas, pranayama mudras, then you have to do pratyahara. After that concentration happens. Then you can look for the meditation.

Go beyond everything. After concentration you are going to drop everything. You drop mental activities, phisical activities, try to become no mind where silence is most important. Dropping everything and going to maintain as deeper silence as possible - that is the meditation. You can do it, because you have everything. But you do not know, what is a key, which is a key to work with. You have a knowledge, you have been given a knowledge, you have been taught by many people, many associations, organisations, schools, colleges, universities how to live in the world, how to see the world, how to exchange friendship and love in the world, how to contribute in the world. Because the world is a cooperation, we have to cooperate and live in this world. This is the knowledge we have been given.

How to realize yourself? How to be enlightened? What is the truth of yourself? What is the third dimension of the life? Is there God or not? You are not confident, you are confused. You know so much about the world, but you do not know anything about yourself. You know how to live in the world, but you do not know how to be yourself. So, the suffering of the world exists. Most of the people are suffering, because they are confused. It is their mind. Everybody has a mind, mind is an experience, mind is a feeling. Animals are not confused. When you drink alcohol, you become an animal, your confusion is gone, your suffering is gone. If you drink a divine nectar, everything disappears. Your divinity, your animalness, beyond confusion and suffering. But luckily you are a human being. The animalness is inside you, it takes you downwards. Divinity is inside you, which takes you upwards. It depends on you. You can become an animal, you can become divine, either you can be yourself.

You have to follow yourself, you have to believe in yourself, and you have to find out who is doer and what he is doing, who is a watcher and who is watched? Where are you going, and what is your goal. We are here to know something, not about. I do not want to speak about the truth, about God, I am here as a teacher, and I am not here as a guru. Because if I am guru, then you are also guru - your guru is inside you. I am here to clear your doubts, to remove a darkness. If I am able to clear your doubts and darkness, if you walk on the path of enlightenment, if you walk beyond your ignorance - that is my job. To make you understand that you are guru yourself. The God exists inside you, the universal power, the existence, the being, the self - everything within yourself. But you still are struggling, because you have learned about the truth, about the world, but you have not learned how to experience, how to go beyond your mind. You have not learned how to drop your body.

There are certain technics, if you practice, that will let you drop the body and mind, and you can become yourself. There is a nectar ocean within yourself. You can become an ocean, become yourself. Yourself is an identity there. When you become an ocean you lose the identity, if you develop yourself, if you recognize yourself, understand yourself, which is very important. Without understanding you can not realize. That understanding is inside you. I can give you a language, I can make you to feel it, but the experience must happen to yourself. Your experiences must be got and understood by yourself.

We all have direct communication to the world, to the universe and to the God. If you believe in God, that God exists within you. If you do not believe, the confusion is inside you. Confusion can take you far away, and the whole life you will be here and there, but be firm, confirm yourself in either side. You will never come back to yourself. To be yourself is necessary.

So, you've practiced a little bit here. You have already practiced some asanas. We will practice a little bit. When you practice very important thing is that you are not practicing without the awareness. You make a distance between you and your doings. You feel that you are distant, your body is doing something, and you feel it, realize it. Asanas, pranayamas which you are practicing they are for the body and the mind. You are just a witness, you are just a watcher. In that case you will be successful, the awareness will give you a success. Keep distance between you and your doings. The feeling, the trance, the concentration is going to happen with your body and your mind. You are not going to be caught in your own conciousness and conciousness mind, because you are not doer, you are not an experiencer, your mind let you to realize that. Mind has created oneness to yourself, mind let you understand that you are not the mind. Through the breathing power mind sometimes can be hypnotized, mind can be psyched. You have to be careful to go with the mind. Spirituality is a mind, religion is a mind, science is a mind, occultism is a mind, mathematics, phisics, chemistry and other sciences are a mind. These all do not happen to yourself. Just keep an awareness becoming a watcher, developing your witnessing power you will have a great success.

Keep this in mind when you are doing asana - you are a watcher, when you are doing pranayama - you are a watcher, doing mudra - you are a watcher. This must be there, this is most important in life - you are a watcher, your awareness, you just a witness of the world, your mind. Then you will be very close to the realization of yourself..If you practice that then you will have satchitta ananda - true conciousness blessing, that blessing in the hand of God, of master. Conciousness is in your hands. By practicing all these methods with an awareness, with a true conciousness, your conciousness will have such a gravity power that you will bring blessing from the Space, the energy of master. It will be your power, because you are purusha. Purusha is resting within you with a kundalini energy. We say prakriti and purusha. Prakriti is a kundalini energy, which is always sleeping in your many lives, millions of years. You are purusha you are awaken at this time, and try to contact with prakriti.

But it does not sleep in a bed, it is sleeping in seven bodies. You have to reach your prakriti, kundalini, you have to go through the seven bodies. And this is your ascending. Because descending has already happened, from higher consciousness to the lower we have an experience of journey. Now we have to journey back from the lower to the higher consciousness.

We have certain technics. You know bhastrika pranayama, kapalabhati. We will practice kapalabhati, and bhastrika pranayama, and anloma-wiloma, it is the prana. Prana is from navel area to the head, prana is energy of realization, prana is source of control energy, and is a source of life energy. So, first we will practice bhastrika, anloma-wiloma, then kumbhaka, then we will practice kapalabhati.

After this we will work below the navel center and will practice ashvini-mudra. Second we will practice sakticharni, after that we will practice mula-bandha. Then we practice dholi-kriya, then udiyana-bandha. Five stages of prana, five stages of apana. There are two karmas: karma of life, and karma of death. Both come from the same place. But there is a disctance between first and second. 70 years, 100 years - life span differs, after life a person dies. But these two energies go together. So, you have to go through the prana, then you have to go through the apana.

If you better practice apana, samadhi happens faster. With the prana there is no samadhi. Prana is a life. Prana is a source of working power, it makes you active, it gives you more and more energy. So, your activities will not let you free. Apana is difficult. Controlling apana you can go beyond the death. Apana is a purification energy, it can give you enlightenment. Apana can liberate you. Prana, apana, samana, byana, udana. There are five types, they come in one sequence, in between two destinations - life and death, prana and apana. And you will be able to travel from life to death, and back.

When you are practicing, that is your achievement, practicing is not natural activity, you will go beyond life and death. Breathing is a natural, and controlling the breathing is unnatural. So, scientifically react some happen. Fusion with the life, diffusion in the life, it happens with your electrons, protons activities, which have negative and positive approach. And you can go beyond that, you can realize. We do not want go negative, positive, we do not want to become one-sider. Most of the masters are on the one side. Very few people in the world live in the center. You have to approach your root, to the center. You do not have to give importance to ida, nor to pingala. Ida is a Moon energy, pingala is a Sun energy. Where the Moon and Sun meet together - there is a sushumna. That is your diviness (divinity). Our whole attempt is to reach our divinity. Through the techincs you are to balance ida and pingala, and then you are going to enter into the sushumna. In the sushumna all the greatest things happen - the divinity happen.

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